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1. Available: Waiting to get married...=)
2. Age: 21 and my gf still insist going to be 22 soon...
3. Annoyance: always forget important things
4. Animal: fishes,dogs..
5. Beer: what is that??? (never drink beer before)
6. Birthday: 30 of August...before malaysia independent day...=)
7. Best Friend(s): Sun pei, yevvane, han sheng, hui sheng,chai whye,chia hui...
8. Body Part on [a guy/girl]: skinny me...=(
9. Best feeling(s) in the world:睡到自然醒,lots of money to spend...XD
10. Blind or Deaf: better don't
11. Best weather: sunny weather whole day but dont too hot...and pls dont rain during evening...
12. Been in Love: YES!! =)
13. Been on stage?: kena tarik up because teacher accused me for talking!! damn her!!!
14. Believe in Magic: magic is everywhere if u believe it will happen...
15. Believe in Santa: fake one counted??
16. Candy: mentos and some chewing gum
17. Color: GrEeN
18. Chocolate/Vanilla: vanilla better..
19. Chinese/Mexican: means?
20. Cake or pie: not reli into...but still ok...
21. Continent to visit: visit who?
22. Cheese: okok only lo~~
23. Day or Night: day or night?got difference??
24. Dance in the rain?: run home d lo...where got mood to walk under the rain??
25. Eyes: very sad to say that...it's 1 big n 1 small...why?? T__T
26. Everyone’s got: their own talent...
27. Ever failed a class?: erm...i cant remember when is the last time i DIDN'T ponteng
Full name: Looi Kian Lok,Vincent
28. First thoughts waking up today: It's not weekend...=(
29. Food: delicious food or so so food...
30. Greatest Fears: lipas...and some dunno wat insects...
31. Goals: to graduate and earn money for my porsche...=)
32. Gum: my Fav...=) can chew all day long...
33. Get along with your parents?: yes
34. Good luck charm: I don't have much luck...sad..
35. Hair Color: black
36. Height: 175cm...
37. Happy: YEA..=D
38. Holiday: must include some sleep and lots of FUN
39. How do you want to die: Die peacefully and without pain or no need to suffer..
40. Ice Cream: OK Ok only...
41. Instrument: no talent...=(
42. Jewelry: No wor...
43. Job: erm...telesurvery (currently)
44. Kids: Cute and naive~~
45. Kickboxing or karate: Taekwondo...
46. Keep a journal?: a few only...XD
47. Love:my family, my gf..and myself!!
48. Letter: A to Z
49. Laughed so hard you cried: I PASSED my Maths 7!!!
50 Milk flavor: MILK??not reli...XD
51. Movies: Don't horror movie can ma?
52. Motion sickness?: will feel abit dizzy~!
53. McD’s or BK: McDee
54. Number: 3!
55. One wish: To live happily all the time...=)
56. Perfect Pizza: erm...hawaiian supreme 
57. Pepsi/Coke: coke
58. Quail: Hey!
59. Reason to cry:sad lo...=(
60. Reality TV: erm...
61 Radio Station: Flyfm,one fm...

62. Roll your tongue in a circle?: can...=)

63. Ring size: my finger is not too big...and not too small...=)
64. Song: always change change de wor..
65. Shoe size: 9/10
66. Salad Dressing: vege~~=D
67. Sushi: got fish egg de ma??i love SEAWEED!!!
68. Slept outside: few times...pity me...=(
69. Smoked?: definitely NO
70. Sing well?:haiz...
73. Sing in the shower?: yea...
74 Strawberries/Blueberries:both..
75. Tattoos?: no oh...
76. Time for bed:12am..or 1am..
77. Thunderstorms: nice to sleep...
78. Unpredictable:sometimes..
79. Vacation spot: nice and fun will do...=D
80. Weakness: hot temper
81. Which one of your friends acts the most like you: none
82. Who makes you laugh the most: my cute sis...
83. Worst feeling:get scolded,no friends...
84. Wanted to be a model:Take pic of models??
85. Where do we go when we die?: somewhere v dunno
86 Worst Weather?: I full charge my batteries while the weather is hot, want go out dat time...heavy rain!!
87. X-Rays: bones?
88. Exs:HAIZ!
89. Year it is now: 2011
90 Yellow: "yellow"?
91. Zoo animal: penguin, and panda bear...
92. You fell asleep next to? gf
93. You went to the mall with? parents and my ah gong
94. You went to dinner with? family
95. You talked to on the phone? GF
96. Made you laugh? sis and gf
97. Hugged you? gf
98. Said they loved you? gf lo..
99. Held your hand? cute cupido
100. Spoke with? dad



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